Other IT Solutions

Our Group have also developed and customised software systems for various other end-user applications which are described as follows:-

An integrated cloud-based inventory and reservation management system which comprises the following:-
  1. (i) Global Distribution System (“GDS”) - a computerised reservation network that acts as a conduit between consumers and service providers (i.e. merchants) across various segments where live rates and availability are sent from a merchant’s CRS (as defined below) directly to the GDS and online booking websites via API or channel manager.
  2. (ii) Central Reservation System (“CRS”) - a computerised system that facilitates the management and real-time distribution of our partners’ (i.e. merchants’) inventories, availabilities, pricing/rates and reservations from a centralised platform. It connects inventory management, diverse distribution channels and communications within a single platform.
GoPartner is a business-to-business (B2B) system that enables our customers to integrate their inventory via GDS and CRS with OTA. Currently, our customers include bus, campsite, homestay and sports centres operators.
An online marketplace developed by us to cater for:-
  1. (i) Ticketing needs. GoHub.com.my currently serves as ticketing web platform for express buses as well as ferries.
  2. (ii) Booking and reservations for campsite, homestay and sports centres reservations.
The online marketplace is a business-to-consumer (B2C) system that serves as a bridge to facilitate the users (who are the general public) to purchase bus tickets and/or make reservations for campsites, homestay and sports centres from enterprises (comprising of bus, campsites, homestay and sports centres operators).