Transportation IT solutions

Bus Operating System (BOS)

BOS is our GPS monitoring enabled ticketing solution designed for stage bus operations.

The key features of BOS include:-

Real time bus tracking
Integration of GPS technology to provide real-time bus tracking to provide passengers the access to accurate information with regard to bus locations, estimated arrival time, and route deviations through dedicated ticketing web platforms and mobile applications. This empowers passengers to plan their journeys better, minimising waiting time and reduce uncertainties.
Cashless Payment
BOS allows passengers to make fare payments through various cashless methods, such as contactless cards, e-wallets or stored value cards. This eliminates the need for physical cash transactions, resulting in a faster, more secure, and less prone to errors or pilferage.
Data analysis and reporting
BOS generates valuable data related to passenger flow, bus optimisation and travel patterns. It enables APAD to leverage the available data to enhance fleet management, optimise routes, update schedules and ultimately elevate the overall service efficiency. This data-driven approach ensures that resources are allocated where they are most needed, resulting in cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction.
Fare integration
BOS may also be seamlessly integrated with other modes of public transportation, such as trains, to provide passengers with an interconnected travel experience.