About us

What We Do

Transportation IT solutions

Terminal Operating System (TOS)
comprising Traffic Management System (“TMS”) & Centralised Ticketing System (“CTS”)
Development and Integration of TOS (Bus Segment)
- 7 bus terminals located in Malaysia (TBS, Awana, Melaka, Klang, Kuala Terengganu, Gombak and Sandakan) as well as 1 in Manila, Philippines
Development and Integration of CTS (Rail Segment)
- Intercity route (21 stations) - Electric Train service (ETS) route (35 stations) - Komuter Utara route (23 stations)
Automated Fare Collection system (“AFC”)
  1. Implemented for KTM, catering to the Klang Valley Double Track (KVDT) route (56 rail stations).
  2. Capable of delivering AFC for other rail service providers.
Bus Operating System (“BOS”)
  1. Currently serving 26 stage bus operators, where 497 stage buses have adopted BOS.
  2. Expect to install cashless features up to 189 stage buses.
Maintenance and Support Services & Terminal Management Services
Bus Segment
- System Provider - 3 bus terminals located in Malaysia (TBS, Awana and Sandakan) as well as 1 in Manila, Philippines - System Operator – 3 bus terminals located in Melaka, Kuala Terengganu and Klang Rail Segment
Rail Segment
- Revenue sharing for CTS - Fixed Maintenance for AFC

Our Vision

To be the leading IT solution provider for the public transportation industry in Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

To simplify and modernise everyday convenience by applying the latest innovation and technology to the public transportation industry supported by our online marketplace. (gohub.com.my)

Our Strengths

Diverse range of services and solutions catering to the public transportation sector

We specialise in providing diverse enterprise IT services to address the challenges faced by the public transportation sector in terms of terminal operating systems, ticketing systems, fare collection systems and fleet monitoring systems. Our approach involves developing and customising solutions aimed to simplify, enhance and improve the overall efficiency of our customers’ operations.

As our Group offers a wide range of customisable public land transportation and software systems, our customers are able to enhance the convenience and cost-efficiency of their terminal operations by engaging us to provide end-to-end services.

Large customer base with a strong market presence in the public transportation sector and a growing recurring revenue

We primarily provide our IT solutions to the bus and rail segments of the public transportation sector.

We had also begun to venture into the sea transportation segment, reflecting the adaptability of our transportation IT solutions. Besides public transportation sector, we are also capable of developing customised software solutions for the tourism and hospitality sector.

Proven track record in the public land transportation sector

We have established ourselves as a reliable transportation IT solutions provider in the bus and rail segments in Malaysia. We are contractually required to provide prompt technical support within an expedited and swift response time (which is typically not more than 45 minutes) to address and rectify any potential technical issues or disruptions arising from the IT solutions.

Our proven track record and support capabilities over the years have enabled us to retain long standing relationships with our customers and secure new customers and projects within the public transportation sector as the transportation infrastructure in the country develops.

Experienced and knowledgeable key senior management team

The experience and knowledge of our key senior management team have been the key to the success of our Group over the years. Since securing the award to implement TOS for TBS in 2011, our Promoter, Tan Cherng Thong, who joined us as CEO in 2014, has been instrumental in leading us to secure contracts for the provision of TOS at various bus terminals across Malaysia. Our Promoters and key senior management team with extensive experience across a range of business activities are in turn supported by a sizeable team of experienced and dedicated project consultants, software engineers and technicians of 158 personnel. The combined experience and knowledge of our talent pool is expected to contribute to the growth of our business in the future.