Transportation IT solutions

Automated Fare Collection system (AFC)

AFC system is a fare collection system that supports both cash and cashless payment method. AFC accepts various forms of payment, including but not limited to credit/debit cards (via transit mode), stored value cards, QR-based e-wallets, mobile payment applications (via NFC or QR code) as well as wearable devices.

The key features of the AFC system include:-

Cashless payment
Passengers are able to pay fares using electronic payment methods with a simple tap or wave at the ACG or TVM by reducing boarding time while enhancing the overall efficiency. The elimination of cash transactions also minimise the risk of theft and pilferage, enhancing overall financial security.
Multi-model integration
AFC offers a seamless and interconnected travel experience by integrating diverse public transportation such as trains. Passengers can conveniently use a unified payment method across different transportation systems, ensuring a seamless journey.
Real-time fare collection
AFC calculates fares in real-time, taking into account factors which include the distance travelled, the number of transfers made and any applicable discounts or promotions. This approach enables accurate fare charges for passengers’ journeys, promoting fairness and transparency in the ticketing process.
Fare capping
AFC promotes frequent use of public transportation by incorporating fare-capping mechanisms. Under this feature, once a specific fare limit is reached within a given period (e.g. a day or a week), the system offers additional trips taken during that period at a discounted rate.
Data analysis and reporting
An essential aspect of an advanced AFC is the comprehensive data analytics it provides. Transportation authorities such as APAD can access valuable insights into passenger trends, peak travel times, popular routes and overall ridership. This data-driven approach assists in optimising operations, allocating resource efficiently and planning services effectively.
Enhanced security and fraud prevention
AFC incorporates robust security measures to protect against fraudulent activities, ensuring that only valid transactions are processed.